Michael Spine Services






1          Spineclass”. 25th & 26th March 20010. Organised by Mr. G. Ambat, Dept. Of Trauma and Orthopaedics, SouthportDistrictGeneralHospital. Delivered lecture on Scoliosis and Discitis/Vertebral Osteomyelitis.


2          Leeds spine study day”. 27th Nov 2009. Organised by Leeds & Sheffield spine surgery departments.


3          FRCS (T & O) Revision course. 30th Sept to 2nd Oct 2009. Organised by Mr. A S Rao, Leeds General Infirmary. Delivered lecture on Orthotics and participated in mock viva & clinical exam.


4          Spineclass”. 26th March 2009. Organised by Mr. G. Ambat, Dept. Of Trauma and Orthopaedics, SouthportDistrictGeneralHospital. Delivered lecture on Scoliosis and Discitis/Vertebral Osteomyelitis.


5          Spinesafe”. 1st May 2009. Organised by Mr. A.S. Rao, Dept. of Trauma and Orthopaedics, Leeds General Infirmary. Delivered lecture on Paediatric acute Spine.




1.        Surgery for Spinal Metastases: Which patient, which operation? (Cadaver Course), Royal College of Surgeons, London. 11th & 12th Mar 2010.


2.        Spine Osteotomies cadaver course. Newcastle. 23rd Oct 2009.


3.        Lumbar Total Disc Replacement course. Nottingham. 28th Sep 2009.


4.        Minimally Invasive spine cadaver course. Nottingham. 24th Sep 2009.


5.        Cervical Spine Surgical Techniques cadaveric Course. Newcastle. 11th & 12th Jun 2009.


6.        AXIALIF Trans1 training workshop and live surgery, Leeds. 27th Apr 2009.


7.        Principles of Spine Stabilisation, Madrid. 11th to 12th Dec 2008.


8.        Principles of External Fixation, Belfast. 15th Feb 2008.


9.        SpR Active Hip Instructional Course, Nottingham. 12th Dec 2007.


10.   Hip Resurfacing Course, WarringtonHospital. 29th & 30th Mar 2007


11.   CPT Hip Masterclass, RoyalBournemouthHospital. 8th & 9th Jun 2006.


12.   IRMER Training, The RoyalHospitals, Belfast. 21st Apr 2006.


13.   AO Spine course (Fracture module). Newcastle. 3rd to 4th May 2005. 


14.   Wessex Foot and Ankle launch course, Southampton. 26, 27 Mar-04.


15.   AO advances in fracture management, Leeds. 1-4 Jul-03.


16.   AO basic principles of fracture management, Leeds. 1-4 Jul-02.


17.   Exeter Hip Symposium 25, 26 Feb – 2002, Exeter.


18.   Advanced Fracture Fixation Course, two-day course organised by the Dept. of Orthopaedics of Madras Medical College.14th– 15th Jun 1997.


19.   International Symposium on Orthopaedic Oncology Adair Cancer Institute. Oct 97.


20.   Arthroscopy of the Knee at Moulana hospital and Research Institute, Kerala. 31/3/1996.




1.        ATLS Instructor Course, London. 12th – 13th Nov 2009.


2.        Specialist Registrars Teacher training course attended on 3rd to 4th Nov 2004 organised by NIMDTA at Belfast.


3.        Specialist Registrars ‘Training Teachers programme’ attended 14th May 2002 at Wolverhampton organised by the west midlands deanery




1.        ATLS reverification course 7th Nov. 2008


2.        ATLS reverification June 2004


3.        Care of the critically ill surgical patients  (CCrISP). RCS England. 23-25 Apr 2002. (Not recertified)


4.        Completed Surgical Resuscitation training. Institute of Accident Surgery, University of Birmingham. 2001.


5.        ATLS provider course. 12 – 14 July 2000.


6.        ALS provider course. 16-17th March 2000 (Not recertified).




1.        Applied Spinal Biomechanics. Leeds. 27th – 28th Jan 2010.


2.        Osteosynthese International 2009. Kuntscher Society Meeting. Leeds. 10th-11th Sept 2009.


3.        British Scoliosis Society annual conference, Leicester. 23rd and 24th April 2009. 10CME/CPD points.


4.        BASS annual conference, Sheffield. 25th – 28th Feb 2009.


5.        BOTA Instructional course, Birmingham. 6th to 8th Jun 2008.


6.        BritSpine 2008. Belfast 7th to 9th May 2008.


7.        BOTA Instructional course, Birmingham. 9th to 10th Jun 2007.


8.        8th EFORT congress, Florence, Italy. 11th to 15th May 2007.


9.        BOA Annual congress, Glasgow. 26th to 29th Sep 2006.


10.    PanCeltic Orthopaedic congress, Glasgow. 15th to 16th Jun 2006.


11.    Britspine 2006, Cardiff. 26th to 28th Apr 2006.


12.    Past, Present & Future of Hip Replacement, Belfast. 6th Apr 2006.


13.   BOA Annual congress, Birmingham. 20th to 23rd Sep 2005.


14.    7th EFORT congress, Lisbon, Portugal. 4th – 6th Jun 2005.


15.    Martin Medal. 15th Apr 2005.


16.    BOA Instructional course lectures, Birmingham Jan 2005.


17.   British Trauma Society meeting 14th to 15th Oct 2004.


18.   Naughton Dunn Club meeting 24th Apr 2004.


19.   British Trauma Society meeting. 1st to 2nd Oct 2003.


20.   Annual Congress of the BOA 17th and 19th Sep 2003.


21.   Welsh Orthopaedic society meeting 25th May 2003.


22.   Naughton Dunn Orthopaedic meeting 26th Apr 2003


23.   National Joint Registry Training Event, Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, Birmingham. 20th Mar 2003.


24.   Naughton Dunn Orthopaedic meeting, Coventry. 13th Apr 2002.


25.   Orthopaedic Career seminar, OswestryOrthopaedicHospital. 23rd Feb 2002.


26.   6thHull Trauma Radiology course, Hull. 15th Nov 2001.